Personal Narrative - grade 2
  • Students write about an event or experience from their life
  • They write on the same topic throughout the unit, and publish their writing in book form.

I wrote a letter home to parents about a week before I began teaching this unit. It's not a brochure, but it's authentic! The short questionnaire at the bottom was inspired by the "Student Information Survey" found on page 121 of The Reading Workshop by Frank Serafini.
[[file:letter to parents.pdf]bilqiis.jpg
Students draft their Personal Narrative writing

My Unit Plan:

Below are four writing lessons that use technology

With teacher assistance, students downloaded an image off the Internet: Lesson #1
Students watched School House Rock Unpack Your Adjectives: Lesson #7
Here is the video clip:
With teacher assistance, students typeset the title of their book: Lesson #9
Students watched a slideshow of themselves/their work: Lesson #12
Here is a link to the slideshow:
(I have since added pictures from the author's tea)

Below are my additional writing lessons

(I would have liked to use a document camera to help teach these lessons, but it didn't arrive until the day of my post-test
Lesson #2
Lesson #3
Lesson #4
Lesson #5
Lesson #6
Lesson #8
Lesson #10
Lesson #11

Student samples

A sample of an All About Me Poster

A sample of a student's book after I "published" it, but before he has illustrated it:

A student illustrates his book

Support Documents

These student support documents helped guide students:


I created rubrics to assess students:

Pre & Post-Tests

I used a rubric to assess students on their pre and post-tests:
This file contains information on the format and data of my pre & post-tests:

A student reads his book to guests at the author's tea.