Fourth Grade Poetry Unit: "What is Poetry, Anyway?"

1. Unit publication doc – newsletter or brochure (use brochure rubric to measure personal success.)

Coffee House Brochure for Tech.doc

Student teacher parent letter fourth grade 1.doc

2. Completed Unit plan template/Literacy Work Sample

Poetry Work Sample Unit Plan

My classroom: Description of Classroom.doc

3. At least four lessons (See lesson rubric on eye-popping yellow and orange papers. (See embedded objects.) Make sure the four lessons integrate technology. Sometime this next week, add any remaining lessons for your unit.

Poetry Lesson Journal Creation and Preassessment.doc

Couplets, Thank you poems and Morning Procedure.doc

Poetry Lesson The Months.doc

Metaphors, Couplets and Quatrains- The night is a big black cat.doc

Onomatopoeias and Acrostics- Spring Acrostic Poem.doc

Metaphors and Acrostics- Neilston Station

Concrete Poems-Spring Is.doc

Concrete Poems-Tony Hawk.doc

Concrete Poems-A Gentle Breeze.doc

Concrete Poems-fish.doc

4. Assessment – 2 for sure.

Poetry Pretest--What is Poetry Anyway

Poetry Post-Test.doc

Student Scores for Test and Journals.xls

5. Student sample or scaffolding document for at least two lessons.

Poetry Checklist Worksheet.doc

Writing Couplets assignment 1.doc

Couplet Worksheet 1.doc

Writing Quatrains assignment 1.doc

6. Include at least one teacher support document that utilizes technology

I project this on the screen to remind me and the students the steps of what to do
in the morning. It guides discussions and keeps the "what do I do next?" questions
simple to answer. It also helps them learn how to read (and remember) directions.

Morning Poetry Procedure Worksheet.doc

7. Learning Gains
Description of Learning Gains.doc
Poetry Journal and Discussion Rubric.xls
Student Scores for Test and Journals.xls